Depeche Mode – A Singles Story…


Something a little daft I started way back but I think DM fans will get the idea…

Depeche Mode were dreaming of me in an ice machine. My new life makes me want to shout that I just can’t get enough . Any second now I can see you , now this is fun! The meaning of love can be found in oberkorn (it’s small town) you know. Leave in silence or read further excerpts from my secret garden . To get the balance right you need to sample the great outdoors and find love in itself . Only fools can’t see everything counts . Work hard and realise people are people . Once that’s in your memory you find your master and Servant. Set me free remotivate me before I spread some blasphemous rumours about somebody! Hard to shake the disease when you can’t be flexible . Something inside , it’s called a heart can stop you from being a fly on the windscreen . She was stripped but not tonight . It’s a question of lust on Christmas Island of a question of time for some strange love from the pimpF and Agent Orange. Never let me down again , just pleasure little treasure behind the wheel on Route 66 . Little 15 people came from St Jarna and saw the Moonlight Sonata. I could be a Personal Jesus but that could be a little dangerous if you enjoy the silence . Sibling and Memphisto were trying to find the policy of truth but all they did was kaleid . The world in my eyes is the happiest girl but it’s just my sea of sin. I feel you with one caress and if you were walking in my shoes with my joy you would get condemnation from deaths door . In your room your looking down the barrel of a gun with a painkiller. It’s no good a slowbow you know. My home is not useless only when I lose myself and surrender to the headstar . Well dream on , I said easy tiger , I feel loved already not dirt like free love from the zenstation . Well goodnight lovers you’ll know when the body speaks as it’s precious and free . I suppose it’s a pain that I’m used to like a new born . I’ll suffer well for that but better days are ahead.
Perhaps I’ll call John the revelator and Lillian and be a Martyr. Maybe I’m Wrong , oh well after Peace maybe you will come back. Could be a bit of fragile tension and a hole to feed but I will be in heaven when you soothe my soul. I should be higher so where’s the revolution? We just keep going backwards so cover me up.

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