Cliff Richard Always Guaranteed


Cliff Richard Always Guaranteed

Cliff Richard’s 1987 long player contained no less than four singles and reached number 5 in the UK album charts.

It was produced by Alan Tarney whom had previously produced I’m No Hero and the classic Wired For Sound and had also written Cliff’s highest selling single ‘We Don’t Don’t Talk Anymore’ from 1979.

The album was simply titled ‘Cliff Richard ‘ in the US.

Singles from Always Guaranteed :

My Pretty One/ Some People/Remember Me/Two Hearts

Formats include LP / cassette and later CD official website

Depeche Mode – A Singles Story…


Something a little daft I started way back but I think DM fans will get the idea…

Depeche Mode were dreaming of me in an ice machine. My new life makes me want to shout that I just can’t get enough . Any second now I can see you , now this is fun! The meaning of love can be found in oberkorn (it’s small town) you know. Leave in silence or read further excerpts from my secret garden . To get the balance right you need to sample the great outdoors and find love in itself . Only fools can’t see everything counts . Work hard and realise people are people . Once that’s in your memory you find your master and Servant. Set me free remotivate me before I spread some blasphemous rumours about somebody! Hard to shake the disease when you can’t be flexible . Something inside , it’s called a heart can stop you from being a fly on the windscreen . She was stripped but not tonight . It’s a question of lust on Christmas Island of a question of time for some strange love from the pimpF and Agent Orange. Never let me down again , just pleasure little treasure behind the wheel on Route 66 . Little 15 people came from St Jarna and saw the Moonlight Sonata. I could be a Personal Jesus but that could be a little dangerous if you enjoy the silence . Sibling and Memphisto were trying to find the policy of truth but all they did was kaleid . The world in my eyes is the happiest girl but it’s just my sea of sin. I feel you with one caress and if you were walking in my shoes with my joy you would get condemnation from deaths door . In your room your looking down the barrel of a gun with a painkiller. It’s no good a slowbow you know. My home is not useless only when I lose myself and surrender to the headstar . Well dream on , I said easy tiger , I feel loved already not dirt like free love from the zenstation . Well goodnight lovers you’ll know when the body speaks as it’s precious and free . I suppose it’s a pain that I’m used to like a new born . I’ll suffer well for that but better days are ahead.
Perhaps I’ll call John the revelator and Lillian and be a Martyr. Maybe I’m Wrong , oh well after Peace maybe you will come back. Could be a bit of fragile tension and a hole to feed but I will be in heaven when you soothe my soul. I should be higher so where’s the revolution? We just keep going backwards so cover me up.

Tony Hadley Bournemouth 10/10/18

  • Meeting the man …

On arrival at Bournemouth just after our hotel check- in , we just took a wander over to the Pavilion.

Well the timing couldn’t have worked out better as Tony exited the stage doors for a breather. 

Without missing a trick , my wife and I managed a quick hello and and I got my album signed by the big man.



courtesy of

This was our first time seeing Tony perform live and he did not disappoint.

His vocals were pitch  perfect accompanied by a superb band as they breezed through Spandau hits , Tony’s solo tracks from his new album ‘Talking To The Moon’ and a few cover versions including a moving tribute to the late Freddie Mercury with Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love’.

It was clear that Tony had the crowd hanging on his every line with classics like ‘Instinction’ and ‘Gold’ entwined with mellower moments with the beautiful ‘Skin Deep’ and the autobiographical ‘What Am I’

Waiting fans outside afterward were treated by a quick but genuine heartfelt greeting from the man himself before disappearing with a wave in his waiting 4×4.

A fantastic night of entertainment including the talent of Damien Wilson who was also greatly received.


Paul Draper the acoustic tour…

Acoustic Tour : November 2018

Tickets are ON SALE NOW for Paul's November 2018 Acoustic Tour: tracks from his debut solo album Spooky Action, as well as Mansun Official classics and deep cuts. PLUS as yet unheard songs from Paul's second solo album, due 2019..November 2018 Acoustic Tour Dates:Wed 14th – BATH MolesThur 15th – WOLVERHAMPTON Newhampton Arts CentreFri 16th – CAMBRIDGE Storey's Field CentreSat 17th – LEICESTER The CookieWed 21st – YORK The Crescent Community VenueThur 22nd – ABERDEEN The Lemon TreeFri 23rd – EDINBURGH Pleasance TheatreSat 24th – STOCKTON-ON-TEES Georgian Theatre

Gepostet von Paul Draper am Freitag, 14. September 2018

Album Of The Day

Mansun – Attack Of The Grey Lantern purple vinyl Kscope reissue

Spectacular Kscope 2018 reissue double purple vinyl.

Mansun’s first LP originally released in Europe February 17th  1997 first hit the number one spot in the UK album chart . It contained the singles Egg Shaped Fred/ Stripper Vicar/ Wide Open Space/ She Makes My Nose Bleed 

US version later released June 24th  contained the single Take It Easy Chicken but omits Stripper Vicar

A very comprehensive triple collectors edition CD with b-sides and extra tracks  was issued June 7th 2010.

Kscope acquired the Mansun back catalogue in 2017 and plan to reissue hopefully everything at the fans request.

Grey Lantern was reissued this year to mark the 21st anniversary on the following formats

Reissue book style standard cd

Black vinyl gatefold double LP  

Limited edition double purple vinyl

Special limited  3CD /1 DVD in large book style format *

*I was fortunate to have the opportunity to supply some artwork scans and photos to Kscope for this edition and received credits on three pages for which i am forever humbled!

Album Of The Day

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome To The Pleasuredome 1984 

Released  29 October 1984 Frankie’s debut album contained versions of their first four singles *Relax / *Two Tribes / *The Power Of Love / Welcome To The Pleasuredome

It hit the number one spot on the official top forty chart as well as three* of the singles also going to the top of the charts.


This is the exclusive Sainsbury’s only double white vinyl (see hype sticker)

Inner sleeve artwork


inner bags

Album Of The Day

Depeche Mode Spirit 2017


Depeche Mode’s fourteenth studio album released on the 17th March 2017.
It peaked at number five in the UK album charts and spawned three singles to date
Where’s The Revolution 7″ promo with German mixmag / 2 x 12″
Going Backwards 2 x 12″
Cover Me 2 x 12″